Behold another event begins at confused and troubled life of Mariana Zappa. I confess being a novice in the field of artistic journalism, I am a frequent visitor of museums and galleries, but this is one of the first art events that I cover.
With many fairs and fashion weeks in my curriculum, comparing is undeniable. These are realities that look more alike than planned, with extremely similar public.

As in fashion weeks everyone is skinny, beautiful, elegant and rich, is almost a social segregation that surrounds the place. And speaking of place it is necessary to emphasize that the ArtRio occurs in the same location that Fashion Rio used to.

  Comparisons apart, this edition has brought part of the collection of the Gagosian gallery in New York, and hundreds of starry artists like Warhol, Botero, Picasso and Dalí, and icons out of the new generation, as the Brazilian Adriana Varejao.

In the coming days, I’ll be doing articles about ArtRio‘s best galleries and artists , so stay tuned, see you later.


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