Candy Color for Men

With sunny days in our way, it’s time to form our wardrobe for the summer season. We all know that color is sometimes all that matters.
For the season’s pastel palette fits like a glove for warm days of very light, because nothing like taking karma wintry gray and basic black, especially since it is the trend of color has been focused on naming the various seasons the colors of the season, both men and mulheres.Mesmo if you’re the kind of person who does not like too much attention, you will hardly avoid using a number of these shades, I’m just joyful to see the clarity and smoothness of the things bringing colors peace and harmony to you and whom you notes.
 Today the bright colors are something usual in our wardrobe, became an established element in menswear, but still not something that everyone feels comfortable using. Some men even ashamed to leave the house wearing a pink shirt. However, the various color tones allow everyone to find something for yourself.

Pastel colors are on track to become the hottest trend of the summer of 2012. It seems that fashion designers were all fascinated by the pastel palette, since it is everywhere this season, the catwalks, editorials and fashionista among the streets of the world.

Givenchy bet much less this season since 2013 in the preceding chart pastels was extensive, it is evident that more light pink hue comes strong this season.
Gucci Already bet on various trends such as color blocking, including paisley pastel shades were used in tailored pieces in colors like green, yellow and blue in color with matching loafers alternating between burned brown, caramel and beige.

Advantages of pastel color

If you still can not afford to wear the clothes of bright colors, softer tones are the best alternative for you. You can simply match the colors bolder tones of items with pastel crayons and so do an accent rather than a statement.
The soft tones of pastel color are versatile. They are easy to be combined with elements of other colors without the threat of conflicting colors.
Pastel colors are classic and therefore timeless. While the bold orange may be the hottest trend for the season to conversion to the pastel will certainly last much longer. Moreover, softer colors can meet people with different skin tones.
Despite the relaxed nature of pastel colors, they can still play the role of accent statement. In combination with the clothes neutral, pastel items will definitely stand out and become the element of central convergence attention.
Experts divided into 2 groups crayons: delicate and bold. Let’s talk about each group separately.

Delicate pastels

The subtle shades of pastel facilitates pair them with other clothes. Furthermore, they can fit the widest range of people. The delicate pastels element can appear as a pair of socks, a cardigan, jacket, t-shirts printed, among other accessories, it choose that piece that will be added to the Look.

Crayons bold

For men who are not ashamed to be noticed by opting for bolder colors will not be a problem. Combining pastel blazer with chinos and a tie will definitely show your Preppy interior. Trend pastel colors is definitely more durable in comparison with fellow alive, so do not be afraid to invest in them.

Tip-If dressing is state of wellness, you can dress up like your friend off, think more carefully on a piece of clothing which will be worn for a period halfway to skill level. You must love to wear clothes instead of hiding something behind it.

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