Rio Film Festival – Pocket Review : Cisne

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Today is Sunday and to brighten your cloudy / rainy / hungover / in bed day I’ll start with a series of “Pocket Reviews” from Rio de Janeiro Film Festival exhibitions . For this, we’ll have the help of Dayanna that will cover the Festival together us.

The event has not started yet, but the city is already in the mood and Grandma couldn’t miss this. So, here’s the first film indication to you.


Teresa Villaverde

With Beatriz Batarda, Miguel Nunes, Israel Pimenta

Teresa Villaverde is a Portuguese filmmaker, graduated by the School of Theatre and Cinema of Lisbon. Her most important work is “The Mutants” (1998) which gave her international visibility , but she had also appeared in films such as “Three Brothers” (1994) and “Water and Salt” (2001).

“Swan” tells the meeting of Vera (Beatriz Batarda), a famous singer who is in Lisbon to do the last show of her tour, and Pablo (Miguel Nunes), her driver, elected through a questionnaire done by her to accompany her during the sleepless nights going to different places of the city. Pablo is an orphan that feels frustrated and eager to meet his mother. Away from them, is Sam (Ismael Pepper), love of Vera’s  life , to whom she writes every day, but they can’t get along and their relationship is based on distance and confidences.

This is not an easy film Apart from using, in some moments, nontraditional  aesthetic – as in the first scene, for example, where children are hunting birds and with a extremely blunt cut, the scene pass to Vera, at the stage,  being applauded at the end of her show – the dialogues are dense and  characters are very complex.The soundtrack is magnificent, with songs by Chico Buarque, Caetano Veloso, Ildo Lobo and Dorival Caymmi.


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