Emmy: removing the rest that’s what remains

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Apparently you have realized that Grandma is not a  ” red carpets habitue” Well, I think such events particularly TACKY. Tacky, forced and full of pretensions . Particularly  in recent years, people olny wear glossy and transparent  dresses  in skin color / light pink / nude (and sometimes they put a mermaid tail on the same gown ). So, what would I say about a row of Taylor Swift’s copies wearing Marchesa? ZzZzZzZz

But I made an exception this Emmy and I selected some worthy looks.
Why? Because I know that sometimes we need to go more formal events and I don’t want my readers to be laughingstocks.

Who made it : didn’t hide the style or age.
A special round of applause for:  Julianne Moore and Heidi Klum, who are always impec and get more beautiful with each passing day.

Ginnifer Goodwin, always take advantage of the ladylike style,
buts gets out of the common place colors.
Tina Fey, the best red carpet evolution, gets better each day,  right color and type of gown.
Julianne Moore
Nicole Kidman
Elle Degeneres and Portia de Rossi, congratulations to both ,
specially Portia that was feminine even with pants.

Jessica Pare, points for the silhouette and marked  waist  ,that values every type of body .
And Marylin Monroe reappears as Heidi Klum.
 Spectacular! She knew how to compose the ultra sexy dress with a very light color.

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