Films That Have Been Through The Rio Film Festival #01

Today the Rio Film Festival is one of the three largest film festivals in Brazil showing a growing number of films [this year 400 titles between national, foreign, documentary for the gay community, to anyone who likes music, for everyone] .
Matheus Souza

In 2008, students from PUC-RIO [university with one of the best courses in the country Cinema] made ​​a movie simple and fun, with quotes from world cult / geek / pop with a budget of about 8000 dollars. “Apenas o Fim” was written and directed by debutant Matheus Souza. The film tells the story of a couple of film students, Adriana and Antonio [Tom], and the end of their courtship while touring college campuses through places that marked their relationship remembering things that lived there.

Some things make us love the film, for example the flash backs showing the peculiarities and intimiades this couple nerd. Or the other characters that appear throughout the film increases the comic scenes. Or the lovely Clarice Falcão present on the soundtrack to “I’m Nobody”. Or the way we identify with the characters using real clothes that any youngster would, discussions with any young couple would, with jokes that would make any geek cinephile.
Érika Mader and Gregório Duviver
The Rio Festival was very important to the film, there he earned Honorable Mention by the Jury Journal and “Best Feature” by the popular jury. With this result added to the Mostra Internacional de São Paulo made ​​the film entered in theaters of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

Translation of the trailer:
-You never had the feeling that if you do not change your life urgently you explode?
-I’m running out, you’ll never see me
-What I did?
-We have two options, or let’s go to our place and fucked super secret until the hour of parting or we can walk and talk
-Would we can do both at the same time?
-Advice for a future relationship: 1. not use Star Wars shirt, 2 – do not use your grandfather’s glasses 3 is wild in bed
-Our love was single, the number one type without pickles
-I will miss your hands warm
-Iwill miss your cold feet
-You could be less complicated!
-Would you like me if I were not complicated?
-Were you happy with me, really?
-And will be happy in the place you’re going? So it is!
-You will not insist?
Ps.:  They use All Star during the movie 

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