Films That Have Been Through The Rio Film Festival #02

Para ler o artigo em português: Filmes que já passaram pelo Festival do Rio #02
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Igor Cotrim & Simone Spoladore

Love is something so odd and unique that we all do everything in life to feel that essence, that desire, that feeling. The world has changed and the ways of love have changed with it. 22% of the human population is gay, asexual 7% but still the ways of love have their unique features not possible for labels.

ELVIS & MADONA directed by Marcelo Laffitte was presented at the Festival do Rio. Loveliness in movie form, it was shown on PREMIERE BRAZIL in 2010.

Elvis & Madona tells the story of Elvira (who prefers to be called Elvis), a photographer who struggled financially just going to make the pizza delivery “Muzzarella and Cia.” The motogirl then in his first delivery ends up in the home of Madona, who is a transvestite show at night and by day works as a hairdresser. Even with homosexuality Elvis, they fall in love.

About the movie:

– The character is called “Madonna” with a single N for not having legal problems

– Premiere Marcelo Laffitte in the direction of a feature film.

– “Elvis” is a tribute to a childhood friend of Laffitte named Elvira who was nicknamed the rock star


– Best Screenplay at “Festival do Rio”

– Best Picture, Screenplay (Laffitte), Director, Actor (Igor Cotrim) Actor Coadjunte (Sergio Bezerra) and Music (Victor Biglione) Festival de Natal

– Best Film (Jury) of the 12th Brazilian Film “Festival de Paris”

– Best Film at Film Festival Gay and Lesbian Oslo

– Single Brazilian production in the official selection of the Tribeca Film Festival 2010


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