Me, a Hipster?!

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The messy hair, the shoulder bag, a superhero shirt, thick-rimmed glasses …
The alternative façade,a boutique hippie.
“What a Hipster” ,everyone but me .. hmm, big mistake my friend.

Have you looked at the mirror today?

Making a true reflection:
How many times have you tried to externalize being a more interesting / smart / cool  person than you really are?
If the answer was “never” review your profile on facebook and then we’ll talk ….

We always try to stand out from common sense, whether the books we read, the movies we watch, or more commonly, by what we hear and wear.
The problem is that try to escape fro it and then it swallows us , again, again and again. Trends (not only in fashion but in general) renew themselves and as they come to you, others will absorb them. And then our false perception of originality makes us discard certain things that we liked, whether one RayBan sunglasses or a MGMT song, not to become a laughingstock

Then you declare publicly that you like The Strokes, you’re hipster!
Well, if it’s to keep liking it, you can call me whatever you want.
And there’s more, what’s the problem about something being successful and cool?
The truth is that nobody is really and fully alternate, we’re all vainly tring to live outside of the shoal , we are all poorly human.

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