Milan Fashion Week – Dolce & Gabbana

Again Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana made of this collection a mirror of Italian culture. With more freshness than in recent seasons, the duo makes a sensory journey to the Mediterranean, more specifically to Sicily, the birthplace of the brand.
Dolce & Gabanna invests in Italian-kitsch-matron scheme on the catwalks and campaigns for at least 4 seasons, it’s a good formula, but it will not sustain itself much longer. But despite the repetition this spring / summer  deserves many positive reviews, particularly for a manual labor worthy of Haute Couture.
The tones of green and blue took the seriousness out and brought more youth , without losing the  habitual sex appeal of the  Italian woman. The prints inspired by Sicilian vessels yielded the looks and can be used during an afternoon by the sea or in a more formal party. The stripes, which were present in other shows of the season weren’t amazing much but will sell, a lot.
Finally, it is impossible not to mention the raffia dresses and corsets made ​​from bent cane. The raffia refers to bags of olives, typical of this region of Italy. And the bent cane looks make a clear allusion to the handmade baskets.

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