Gaby Amarantos – Xirley | A Music for Your Day

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A year after presenting the VMB [Brazilian version of the VMA] with the “Branda Uó” and “Garotas   Suecas”, Gaby Amarantos  was to VMB2012 with great chances. One of the most played artists on radio and accessed on youtube she collects awards. Even before the MTV award she made ​​warming Multishow Award in the category “New Hit”. Among the awards that competed in VMB Gaby not only won “Clip of the Year” with the clip Xirley. Beat out big names in the “Artist of the Year and Female Artist of the Year” and last but not least she won Best Cover with a fun cover of the CD “Treme.”

After all that she’s nominated for Latin Grammy in the category Best New Artist and Best Brazilian Roots Album

Good Lucky, Gaby 🙂

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