We Must Grow Up

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I always thought that I had more responsibilities than most people of my age, and much of it is my fault. I’m 18 and I work like someone of 21 years since I was 15. But my face does not hide the age, moreover,I seem younger than what’s stated on my identity.

And because of this I found myself forced to adopt a new garments out of the hours of leisure. I’ve never imagined that I needed such an attitude, but I had to replace the shredded shorts and combat boots by the shirt and bicolor ballerinas. I believed, and I still believe, that what we wear transfers to our exterior an entire ideology and feelings, individual and insurmountable. It turns out that the world doesn’t think the same way.

My speech can indicates knowledge , but I have been clearly overlooked just by what my face seem to show. Prejudice, yes, pure prejudice, even in this business where everything new seems to prevail. But the thought remains the same, retrograde and outdated.

Then an impasse arises, how to proceed? I must pretend that I look mature or I won’t lsustain myself fianancially.
We need to grow, professionally and psychologically, but how to leave the old red converse behind?
Not being devoured by the Sphinx. But how?
Using a tailored shirt with a converse. Unfortunately certain conventions are necessary to survive, but when it comes to the realm of ideas nothing may seem  impossible to change.Actually regarding the field of ideas the constant change is strictly necessary.

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