Black Orpheus to be adapted to Broadway

Para ler em português clique aqui

Produced by Stephen C. Byrd , with scripts by Claudio Botelho and Charles Moeller, “Black Orpheus” will be a  musical adaptation of the Academy Award-winning French/Brazilian movie, directed by Marcel Camus. The movie had also won the Palm D’or at Cannes

The original film, dated from 1959, retells the story of Orpheus and Eurydice during the carnival in Rio de Janeiro and is inspired by the play “Orfeu da Conceição” written by Vinicius de Moraes. The broadway musical will include musics from the original soundtrack, by Antonio Carlos Jobim and Luiz Bonfá, as “Manhã de Carnaval”/“A day in the life of a fool” 

“I’m hoping to cast at least the principal roles with well-known Brazilian singers and actors, because I think this show will succeed as long as it’s as authentically Brazilian as possible,” Byrd said.

The musical will be released on 2013/2014. Until there I suggest you to watch Marcel Camus’ movie. 

 Black Orpheus Full Movie, in Portuguese with English subtitles


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