Kylie Minogue heads for Rio

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Global superstar Kylie Minogue heads for Rio de Janeiro on Monday, October 1, where her acting career comes under the spotlight when her latest film, ‘Holy Motors’, by French director Leos Carax, receives its Brazilian premiere  at the world famous Rio de Janeiro Film Festival.

Kylie will join director Leos Carax to grace the red carpet at Rio’s Odeon BR cinema Tuesday, October 2 evening when the film is presented as one of the highlights of this year’s two week long Rio film festival.
‘Holy Motors’ transfixed audiences at the Cannes Film Festival  earlier this year where it was one of the most raved about films of the festival and Kylie was much acclaimed for her lingering dramatic performance as Eva, a former lover of the film’s leading character.
Speaking in Cannes, Kylie herself described the film as “outrageously beautiful”, a “sublime” film that “gets you thinking and gets you stimulated”, although Kylie did also at the time admit that her new film left her “as confused as the person next to me”.

Making a much welcomed return to the acting fold , it seems Kylie isn’t yet going to be  allowed to give up the day job:   in Holy Motors she sings the film’s haunting musical moment, Who Were We?, which director Carax insisted she sang live on set.
And having this week revealed her sense of humour – and much more – in a spoof commercial for body insurance,  the beauties of Copacabana beach close to where Kylie will stay can expect  some strong competition when the star arrives in Rio on Monday.


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