For life on paper

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In a world where the virtual is increasingly real, I insist to hold me on printed material. Books, magazines, newspapers.
One morning, not so long ago, my brother asked me why do you still read the newspaper?“.
I hesitated to respond and reflect. The signing of the newspaper, made ​​by us for over 10 years, no longer served to anyone, except me. All the rest of the family, as well as friends and acquaintances merely read leads disguised as articles on the Internet and watch the national news, religiously at 8 o’clock at night.

Retrograde?! I prefer to define myself as a person attached to issues and customs of the past and present. Someone who was born at the end of the century by a simple (and happy) fluke.

I can’t deny that I clung to gadgets. However, I must admit that I am essentially sensorial. And even thought the websites provide us an enormous number of relevant information, they will never correspond to the plesure that is turning the leaf of a book that you’re about to end. The smell of a brand new magazine before reading it. Or coffee with newspaper before you start your day.

I chold on to the daily reading just like a child. Somehow, the intellectual flow would become tangible as well and the contact seems to promote a greater reflection even on the small footnotes. Furthermore, the paper, fatigates less the view and is easy to load (either by weight and the risk of robbery). The paper does not distract you with an email in the inbox or a new update available. The paper doesn’t disappear with a click.
Somehow is curious dealing with this subject since I have a site, virtual, nothing tangible. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the tangible is neither undemocratic, affordable or cheap .


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