About eyeglasses and hallucinogens

I spent years of my life denying the use of eyeglasses and contact lenses. Used during childhood and dropped out. Pure whim. I am faced with eyestrain of someone 20 years older than me. I surrender and now I arranged new-old friends for life.

With the collyrium just dripped into the eyes, I can not see even an inch in front of me. I write this blindly. Without being able to read what I write and without notice if my letter, usually flamboyant, came out  pretty or ugly.

I feel blind, helpless and uncomfortable. Unable to read the heavy weight I carry on the arm, a storybook by the pornographic angel, Nelson Rodrigues. If my makeup is smeared, I do not know. Probably. I seem insane, rolling my eyes trying to see something.

Missing my senses. Not only the vision is blurred and rough. It looks like I took a cheap liquor,one of those that cost less than 5 dollars. I find myself in a trance. Outside of what I usually call myself.

Blessed be the optician! I found that my eyes are the rest of sanity that I have left and that the collyrium seems to be the most healthy hallucinogen.

Ps: Like many others, this text was written on paper before being typed.

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