Pocket Review – "I have no idea what I’m doing with my life"

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Original Title : “Eu não faço a menor idéia do que eu tô fazendo da minha vida”

Second film of the director Matheus Souza (Apenas o Fim, 2008), the film had an extremely low budget of only 20 thousand Brazilian reais. By the words of the director, who attended the Festival to talk to the viewers, this film is suicidal from the point of view of the producer. “Is not enough smart to please the intellectual public. But it’s not a romantic comedy blockbuster. “

Clarice Fal

Again, he handles themes who knows and that has to do with his age. The main character, Clara (Clarice Falcão) is a medical student who sees no sense in continue watching her lessons and begins to miss every day. In bowling, she makes a friend (Rodrigo Pandolfo) who decides to help her figure out what to do with her life, what she is good and what she likes. So she begins to experience the professions doing things she associates with each. As an architect she builds a tree house, as psychologist she begins to solve the problems of her family, as a lawyer she lies to her parents,as a geographer she visits the tourist spots in Rio. 

Matheus Souza has his own style and it is not difficult to identify this film as his. The story is interesting and lightweight, easy to watch, despite dealing with subjects so present and important in the world of young people. The mix of humor and drama in the major part of the movie, which provides laughs, mocking current issues, but without using a forced humor. Clarice Falcão is amazing as almost all her works, but it left much to be desired, in terms of performance.

The film has a great cast, as Leandro Hassum, Daniel Filho, Nelson Freitas, Alexandre Nero, Gregorio Duvivier, Kiko Mascarenhas and Bianca Byington. When asked about how he convinced these great actors to participate in the film, he replied: “I think my pity face is really good. People feel sorry and want to help. I say: ‘Join My film, we are the new generation of cinema, we do not have much resources’. It’s a bit like that, ” but then he said that having a good script also helped.

Dayanna Araujo


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