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Few people know, but this week is my first of many in the School of Communication at UFRJ (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro). I went through all those initiation rites and here I am, alive. With some leftover paint in my hair and smelling like coffee, but alive. And reflecting, as always, the reasons why I am here today.
It is curious that I chose journalism as a profession. There is something I deeply desire since I was a child, or something for which I planned a lot. I spent high school wanting to be a fashion designer and being encouraged by friends to do so. However, even if silent, my vocation for journalism, by which I denied many times, was already present.
I must admit, I was a talkative child, but I was a contained pre teen, very contained a, but always tried escape from reality through the drawings and the texts I wrote. It took me long to realize that I was a lot better writing drawing and that I knew better how to criticize better than being criticized.
Moreoverhow being an artist with my level of perfectionism?
Today I am one of the most verbose people I know and , at least for this week, one of the happiest.


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