Grandma Decided To Travel To Morro de São Paulo – Bahia

“Morro de São Paulo” is a charming place with clean beaches, parties for all tastes, a lot of people with all the accents from Brazil and the world, beautiful people with all colors and races. A paradise, that were there, Adam and Eve never have been tempted to eat the apple just to remain there.

The island in the Atlantic is divided into five beaches and when it takes you across mainland/island automatically forget what was left behind. Five reasons for focusing on the beauty of the place. And if you think you can just go to the neighborhood: as Gamboa Beach, where he takes a clay rejuvenates or Ponta do Curral drinking at a floating bar.

The history of the place is impressive. Tinharé (real name of the island) was the capital from the state of Ilhéus. With the attempted colonization of the Northeast by the Dutch, Morro is probed and plundered in 1630 and the government authorizes the construction of a fortress that only start operating in 1652.

The nightlife is buzzing. During the second beach, bars and restaurants play live music and only close when the last customer leaves. It has nightclubs and some times a year the city holds a festival, and a fireworks display on New Year’s Eve in various parts of the island.

It’s amazing how many accents that exist there. The “gringo” appears there as a tourist and as an owner of hotels and bars. Some claim to be the high rents the place, other than due to Cruzeiro’s crisis*, many residents sold their homes to foreigners.

* Before the Real, the Cruzeiro was the money used in Brazil

For those who want to relax, have a fourth beach away from the bustle of the town and close to nature with its water-filled pools. For who is a surfer and want to catch a wave the first beach is more appropriate. For those who want to be dazzled by the sunset there is a lookout point from where you can see him box. Morro de Sao Paulo is a place that embraces everyone. One Place to turn a simple trip into a dream trip.

  ~ The island is located close Salvador and there you can buy packages for companies specialized in tourism. This is the best way for you to stay calm and not worry about anything.
~ There you go by plane as an air taxi from Salvador and in 25 minutes you arrive in Morro.
  55 75 3652 1083 (CIT)
  55 75 3652 1284 (Rota)
  55 75 3652 1358 (Zulu)
~ Leaving Salvador in front of the Mercado Modelo there are companies that take people for R$ 75 (US$ 35/40) in a two-hour trip.
~ Other ways to get on the island visit:
Where to stay:

 ~ There are hotels and hostels. Everything will depend on how much comfort you want. In periods of March-May and August / October you can find hosting up to 100 reais cheaper.

What to pack:
~ The hot spot is better then most light clothes
~ For me, the luggage ran thus:
  4 days = 6 sets of clothes (shorts and shirts) + pajamas + a pair of jeans + Havaianas + shoes (and everything fit in a backpack)
~ If you forget something you can buy in the shops. I bought a shirt there for just R$ 22 (US$ 10/14)
~ No one will notice if you repeat clothes.
Ps.: Take little luggage. On site there are few cars and if you want some lighter charger port to the hotel will pay R$ 10(US$5) per bag.

Good Trip 🙂

Text and Photos: Kaippe Reis
Twitter: @Culturaman
Tumblr: Culturaman

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