Pocket review – Buddies

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Original Tittle : Colegas
Three friends with Down syndrome, live in an institute and see many movies. One day, inspired by “Thelma and Louise”, decide to go on an adventure to fulfill their dreams. Marcio wants to fly, Annie wants to marry and Stallone dreams of seeing the ocean for the first time. So, they run away with the gardener car (Lima Duarte), which tracks the trajectory them on television and is also the narrator of the film.

Soon, the three begin to be searched by police because perform petty theft to survive the trip. However, because of misunderstandings they begin to be considered dangerous thugs. The film is a lesson in social inclusion, but light, funny and without self-pity.

Throughout the movie references are made to other famous movies, it is not always very obvious, but you can find all the movies listed in the credits. The soundtrack is also superb, composed mostly of songs by Raul Seixas.

The film won several awards at the Gramado Film Festival , including Best Picture. Definitely worth watching.


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