Grandma decided to travel to the Museum of Contemporary Art of Niterói

The verb “travel” has always been present in my life, to see art and architecture in various cities in Brazil and the world made ​​me follow the course of architecture. As the purpose of this column is to show cities and buildings according to our personal vision, I bring in my first post for this column a museum that I love in my hometown (Niterói): the Museum of Contemporary Art of Niteroi (MAC).

The bold project, which was built in 1996,  is signed by the famous architect Oscar Niemeyer (1907 -until todayn de still alive!). Below I put some excerpts from interviews of Niemeyer about the project for you to better understand the museum design:
“When I started designing this museum, I had an idea to follow. A circular shape, abstract, on the landscape. And the ground free of other buildings to highlight it. (…) It would be a museum with exhibition hall surrounded by walls (straight) -I do not  desired it glassed – but with exits for external gallery that circulate it, integrating it into the magnificent panorama. As often happens, this solution would have a central support holding only the showroom. “
“Sometimes a project cost to be defined. Others, it appears suddenly as before, we had arrested him carefully. And this was the case with this project. Terrain was narrow, surrounded by the sea, and the solution came naturally, having as a starting point the inevitable central support. from it, the architecture took place spontaneously as a flower. (…) A line that rises and continuously grows and unfolds, sensual, until its coverage. The form of the building, which I always imagined circular, settled and, inside, I have fallen in love. (…) and I felt that the museum would be beautiful, so different from others that rich and poor would be happy to visit it. “
Niemeyer is widely criticized for his projects because he thinks a lot in the forms that he forgets certain important things in the project. In the case of the MAC, the issue of technical collection was abandoned, the works that are not on display are mostly in another building fair from the museum. Also the ramp despite having a phenomenal beauty has a inclination that not all people can climb calmly. With a not very recognized collection , restricted to the works of the collector João Sattamini, who goes there should not expect to see famous works or anything of that sort, these are the negative points of the museum.
I adore going there, I often go just to sit on the seats in front of the museum, turn on my ipod, and stay in a state of contemplation, in adifferent world. I’ve made many drawings and  have had many ideas on the visits as in the photo below when I went with friends from college to design the museum and the landscape.
Even with its problems I recommend it to anyone who is in Rio de Janeiro to just pass in Niteroi to be marvelled by this museum and its fantastic surroundings!
 To more information about the museum click here. See you soon!

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