Visione Aniversaristica: Little PedroEvil


Is not that thing that has the same beautiful and youthful of turning 18 , or that maturity of 20. A passage rite. [Some would also say that it is the Adele CD , rs]

Pedrinho is the oldest active contributor in Grandma Stole My Closet after Mariana, of course. I started chating with the Niteroi’s boy by Twitter [us torment the lives of those who followed us because of so much talk].

He looks so cute and I was so amazed by the Shaggy lookalike that i almost got on a plane to Rio just to meet him [did not do it cuz I’m poor!]. Even’d give anything to see “Sir Ambrosoli” cycling.

Many people do not know [yes, they know, it’s on the side bar ] is that the Pedrinho is a painter of spare time and should paint a picture with my name!

When you know that I traveled to Rio already know that I was having a few tequilas with Pedrinho and Dona Mariana!

Congratulations Sir  Little Pedro Evil! Many years of life and When It Comes to Aracaju warns me to give us some bike rides :)! The mental hug!

On behalf of the entire staff Grandma 🙂 Congratulations!

I thought there end up here? :/ That dull! so I found a video of the Ting Tings and I know you like it 😀


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