Pocket Review " A Tale of Love and Fury "

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A Tale of Love and Furyis a 2D animated film, directed by Luiz Bolognesi (screenwriter of Bicho de Sete Cabeças”),that shows  the history of Brazil by the point of view of the oppressed. It is divided into four parts that depict four different times and show the struggle experienced by the weaker, and that is forgotten in history, since this is told by the winning side, the strongest. A phrase spoken by the main character clearly shows the general idea of the film: My heroes did not turn statues, my heroes were killed by men who have turned.”

The film is about a kind of  Brazilian superhero and tells the story of the country in four moments: colonization; Balaiada; resistance to the military regime and the formation of Red Falange, and 2096, when there is little water. Voiced by Selton Melo, the protagonist begins as an Indian warrior, after becoming the leader of Balaiada, a member of the armed struggle against the dictatorship and, finally, a man disillusioned, tired of fighting, but who gets involved with the fight, again because of Janaina (voiced by Camila Pitanga), also a warrior, always fighting against oppression

The Brazilian adult animated film one of the few of its kind was produced by Lais Bodansky at a cost of 4 million BRL. The aesthetic reminds of comics and is aimed at teenagers and adults, for being a strong movie. The story has that  moralist and environmental stamp.


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