10 things you should and shouldn’t do in a fashion week

Well folks, Fashion Rio kicks off tomorrow. Are you ready?
Because of that I decided to put in the air a post that I’ve done some time ago, but which I think is  very worthy to whoever attends fashion weeks.
It is not etiquette, it’s just basic rules to get along well in this hostile world.
So, enjoy it and good luck!

After going to some fashion weeks we began to see unnecessary behaviors, and because of this I realized I should do a list of DOs and DON’Ts in a fashion week.

1- In a show the places are tagged, so, unless you’re placed in the first row (which is something rare) or unless you’re someone really famous  don’t try to sit there.
2- There’ll be lots of famous people around you, don’t act like you are one of their best friends, put yourself in their shoes, it must not be nice.
3- The show is happening and people want to see the trends for the next season, and too much noise can distract them, so, avoid talking, chat the least you can.
4- The same for mobiles, keep it in silent mode.
5- If you’re in the audience for the runway show, don’t take photos with flash, it disturbs the models and makes the photos from the professional photographers on the  PIT get worse.
6- If you aren’t a photographer don’t try to go to the PIT area without a free pass to it.
7- If you’re not a journalist don’t act like you have a press pass, and do not try to enter the press room.
8- Avoid scandalous garments, your image can be seen all over the world, and dressing like a drag queen won’t bring you a good reputation at all.
9- Avoid eating during the show.
10 -Lastly , be polite, no one likes rude people. Doesn’t meter if you’re famous, if you’re a great journalist, model or designer, and if you’re extremely beautiful. Impolite people loose all their credibility.


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