Aquastudio – The boudoir of the cerrado

Inspired by the fires of the Brazilian cerrado, Esther Bauman created a winter boudoir. Starting with shades of gold and white, the parade _ on its way white replaced by black, finally, the garnet and black absolute took over the catwalk. Linen, leather and golden grass (including the head ornamentation), organza and lace were the most used materials. The painting also had a hand turn the dough with acrylic, ink and glue _ _, representing the fires was one of the highlights of the parade. Frames _ bustier and metal ties left very feminine collection.
The soundtrack (DJ Ze Pedro) Pet Shop Boys _ _ helped compose the climate. The parade itself was excellent, off the shoes (expendable) and one or two dresses that were reeling off (a shame, because the modeling work was incredible)


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