Rio Moda Hype

Designers: Cínthia Madero and Mell Barbosa
Collection: Defying Hunter / Defying Man
The collection transits in the duality of masculine x sensitive. In shape, in which more rigid structures coexist with loose structures in the same production. In colors, in shades of gray that collide with vivid colors like orange, turquoise mustard. And the materials, leather to canvas,passing through the wool and embroidered . Examples of this dichotomy are a  tailored blazer with transparent collar and a look with a particulkar over coat that overlays a mustard jumpsuit. Among the novelties of this event the duo of designers is undoubtedly the most prominent.

Patricia Gimenez
Designer : Patricia Gimenez
Collection: Soul revealed in color

Inspired by the photographs of exotic destinations of Steven McCurry, Patricia invests in solar shades like orange and pink. Cotton  in 4 different patterns  sometimes comes to life in low-cut dresses and very short, sometimes long, loose dresses that assimilate to  saris. Sinned by the finish and the focus on the theme, the show seemed only inspired by Indian lands, including on music.

Sann Marcuccy
Designer: Sann Marcuccy
Collection: Universal Exhibition of Manet
Inspired by the Manet framework Universal Exhibition (1867) Marcuccy participates for the fourth time in Rio Moda Hype Award. Displays general graphics and contrasting geometry and asymmetry looks in neutral tones, beige and white, with litlle gold. There was a tendency to movement , in both parts, female , with a wide variety of draping, and in the male, such an asymmetric garment which resembles a mullet. He struck it with exclusive prints and  textured and resin fabrics . Sinned by losingh the logic between feminine and masculine looks that seem to belong to different collections.

Stylist: Bruna Santini Cineze.
Collection: Gas oxygen, ions and hydrogen.
Based in jeans wear, with a strong presence of twill and knit a, the collection of Bruna Santini seemed more about what the “TNG ‘or’ Zoomp” did a few years ago. Moreover, the clothes do not match the Brazilian tropical winter, both with regard to colors (which were limited to grayscale) and modeling (heavy overcoats  and and a multitude of collars.

Designers: Ana and Daniela Sabbag Wambier
Collection: Dentro do Rio tem Mar

Rustic, the collection is based on the corrosion caused by salt and by rust.
With the 70 shape, clothes had a face relaxed, light, made ​​for winter in Rio. Embroidered, gray, golden and rope forming nodes are the key items of the collection.


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