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A few days ago I was talking to one of my many cousins​​, about an article I wrote here (“we need to grow”). Yes, what we wear says a lot about who we are. But she alerted me to something I had not noticed before.

“Every woman can not leave to be sexy, this is a power that we have,” and indeed she was right. While men exercise power by other means, women need to impose a certain way. Clearly they dominate the labor market, they are everywhere. And while mastering an increasingly larger share of university places and jobs, we still earn less. And we must admit, we live in a sexist world.

This also does not mean that there is room for vulgarity. Quite the opposite, so we would be reaffirming the place of woman-object that was imposed on us for much centuries.
So how to be sexy?
You know the game of hide and shows and the famous? Is it that you should use. Value what you have to pretty. Use a blazer with that very feminine skirt. Shows a little neck and hide her legs.
It is more natural than you think, and believe me, no mistake!

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