About the rain and the colors

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Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view) it rains in this wonderful city. But it’s not the kind of rain that refreshes the day, or those that make us want to spend the afternoon sleeping or watching TV lying on the sofa. The falling rain is rain droplets those arriving unannounced, catch us by surprise and make us buy another black umbrella on a ambulant any street. It is the rain that falls in small drops irritants that often overlap with the spray air conditioning and make the day seem more muffled. In particular one of those days that you need to work running from one side to the other.

I wear a very colorful outfit, a dress made of flowery prints and patchwork in shades of red, blue, yellow, pink and green. However, a white shirt where you see “I ♥ Rio” cast aside on the shoulders. On the foot, a sneaker and bright red hair long played a sort of time. It’s springtime in the city, but it seems winter. In the center of town my colors break the habitual seriousness of passersby. When I left home made ​​sun inside me says it’s still sunny.


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