Grandma decide to travel : the best places to visit in Rio #1

Leveraging that Fashion Rio has just finished (leaving many memories as always) I decided to show in travel seccion this week a little about the wonderful city by the point of view of a native (me). It was pretty hard but I made a list of my favorite historical / toursistic / special places of Rio to show you and I’ll share a little bit during this week.
Ps: The places I chose are not in order of favoritism
A symbol of the Belle Époque in Cariocas lands, the confectionery was founded in 1894 in the heart of the city. Attended since the beginning by high society, artists, intellectuals and politicians (since Rio used to be the capital of the country) who enjoyed the best pastries in town, surrounded by Art Nouveau aesthetic that is still intact today in the Rosewood trim and crystal mirrors.
Passed through there names like Olavo Bilac, Rui Barbosa, Chiquinha Gonzaga, Villa Lobos, Virginia Lane and Getúlio Vargas.

 Today it is not uncommon to sit in the main hall and listen to at least 4 different languages ​​while enjoying a wonderful sweet. Stored in my memory are special dates, always celebrated there, next to my father or grandfather, or tours that I used to make to Columbowas when I started to walk in the city center by myself. Anyway, no matter the occasion, stop there, it is always a good choice, if only for a cup of coffee in the afternoon while admiring the building.

Adress : Gonçalves Dias street , 32 –
The Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil is a centenary building, building, builded in 1906 as the headquarters of the Bank of Brasil. It was the first Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (there are 3 others in the country) to be opened in 1989. Admission is free, and it usually hosts the best exhibitions of the city besides plays and films. It has a bookstore (Travessa Bookstore), a cafe and a restaurant. The CCBB also offers an extensive children’s programming as well and participates in events such as the Anima Mundi.

Outside all the qualities already mentioned above, the CCBB has for me (and many other Cariocas I know) an emotional charged. I attend the place since I can remember. My parents used to take me there at least once a month and some of my greatest memories of the place is sitting on the staircase in the main hall admiring the glass resumes by the age of 5  (something I do to until today).

For those who may stop by the current exhibition is Impressionism: Paris and Modernity with the Museum D’Orsay collection

Adress  : 1° de Março street, 66 – Downtown

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