40 Visiones Artisticas

Yves Klein
40 posts. 40 different artists. More than 40 weeks and there is still much to be written, I could not imagine that when Mari asked me if I wanted to write a column on Grandma it would change my life, I as readers, learned a lot while composing these posts: techniques, aesthetic, views of the world, all this almost every week.
Maurizio Cattelan
Man Ray

Jackson Pollock

I began to understand more the value of an image, a gesture through the works of other artists, what all they taught that the first step to success is to believe in your creation and defends it in your own way.

To improve the understanding of art has always been my proposal in this column so I put that name: “Visione Artistica” (artistic vision in Italian)

Leonardo Da Vinci
David LaChapelle
Patrick Demarchelier

Gustav Klimt
One of my biggest surprises was to find out that my post about Jenny Saville had over 8000 views, I realized that my work was reaching people in various parts of the world, a new sensation for me. 
The images from this post are  from Visiones which I most enjoyed doing, hope you like the selection!
For more information about the artist click on the links below the picttures. 
Lucian Freud
Adriana Duque
Katsushika Hokusai
This column has been a haven for when I want to escape from my college work, relax and think about issues that are not discussed in the classroom. Sometimes I know that Mariana might want to cut my head off not to write the post on the right day or the week, I apologize to everyone for my lack of organization and thanks to the gorgeus Mari for the patience and for this wonderful opportunity that has been writing here .
Jeff Koons
Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadi para Björk
Jenny Saville
Brian M. Viveros
Sam Taylor-Wood
Yigal Ozeri

As previously mentioned, there is still much to be seen, in the next 10 posts I will write about the Impressionists and other artists that I adore. The 50th Visione will be a surprise that I will keep for me (laughs). Stay alert and prepared!

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