Grandma decided to travel : the best places to visit in Rio #2

Continuing the series of the best places to visit in Rio, I am presenting a few more that have marked and still mark my life.

Quinta da Boa Vista

The park, founded in 1808 as the official residence of the Brazilian imperial family until 1889, is in the neighborhood of São Cristovão, near the downtown area. It houses the muncipal zoo, RIOZOO, and the National Museum located in the former Imperial Palace and administered by the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

Very frequented by families, the park is a classic ride for the weekend. Many of my memories of childhood come from there, playing on the gigantic lawn, slipping on the lakeside or riding through the trees.

Admission: Free

Parque Lage

With over 52 acres of history, trails and native forest, the park is at the foot of the Corcovado Mountain in the neighborhood of Jardim Botanico.

Listed by the National Historical and Artistic Heritage (IPHAN), on June 14, 1957, as a historical and cultural heritage of the city of Rio de Janeiro, the park is home to the School of Visual Arts of Parque Lage. Established in 1975 is the largest school of visual arts in the country and regularly receives art exhibitions.

The palace has been used to film music videos, soap operas and films such as Terra em Transe of Glauber Rocha.

It is great place for hiking and picnics.

Street Jardim Botanico, 414 – Jardim Botanico

Admission: Free


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