CRIO – About the speeches


What is the general proposition? Urban and social change through creativity.

Master of Ceremony? Perfeito Fortuna, founder of “Circo Voador” and “Fundição Progresso”
Brazilian cultural activist.



Winy Maas what‘s new

Tetê Leal social inclusion by design and fashion

Mauro Munhoz culture redefining urban identity

Guto Indio da Costa urban design for innovation

Nicolas Bourriard archipelagos and constellations

Arianna Vignati creativity for sustainable development

Michel Bauwens economic challenges collaborative

Marcus Vinicius Fausttini youth and territory, the creative power of young people in slum

Thomas Schwra gardening and green areas in cities

Luis Alonso – new concepts in architecture, functional promiscuity

Caca Diegues the slum that makes film


Victor Van Der Chus making creativity

Candy Chang transforming the city

Eduardo Srur the artist sees the same thing differently

Enrique Avogadro revitalizing urban underprivileged

Joseph Junior conflicts through art and education

Nizan Guanaes

Bel Pesce create your own through entrepreneurship

Roope Siinoiren human mind and feelings

Fred Gelli biomimicry creative challenges

Arnoud Raskin

Bryan Boyer experimentation in town

Vik Muniz art and society in the Information Age


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