Werner Herzog

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On November 22 CCBB Rio received a masterclass by acclaimed filmmaker Werner Herzog. The local
was packed with people filling the theater and another 3 auditoriums with reproduction and translation
simultaneously. The lesson is part of 4 +1 film festival that occured until November 25 in the cities of Bogotá, Madrid, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, and of course, Rio de Janeiro.

The lecture began with Herzog telling a little relaxed about facts that marked
his cinematic life. As a false forged authorization to shoot the film Fitzcarraldo,
and a river on the border between Peru and Ecuador Herzog emphasized the importance of soundtracks for creating and designing emotional and sensory receptors.

Then a series of questions has been made by the present.

What is your view on the study of cinema?The film is a study of the disease and the academy is an enemy that kills all the instincts
dee within us. The same thing happens with the literature. The academy seems to take account of

What is the correlation between your past films?
Many said I did Verite films, do not. Cinema Verité believes the facts
are true. It’s a lie! The facts you relate. Cinema Verité may have been the
response ’60s, the past. But today, with all the technology you need to invent something
In my last film I sought the construction of truths, simultaneous truths and not factual.

What is the importance of literature in film?
Read, read or rejections will be filmmakers. No books cinema, but books that show you
new possibilities of thought.

How to deal with the ethical boundaries?
The ethical boundaries must exist within each of us. But as if each has
a different frontier ethic?
The frontier ethic is the dignity of the human being, and limit donates human dignity is
death. Unfortunately there are many executions in the world and there are no ethical boundaries
when these are displayed on the internet. For these cases, I believe in censorship, so long as
I’m the only sensor.
I found my own boundaries in the 2nd film I did in that dealt with
childish behavior but kids ended up getting skittish at the end. I regret
this film. I did at age 20 and has not nor will I display and for as long as I’m alive.


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