CRio – the speeches, 1st day

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Tetê Leal CoopaRoca social technology through fashion and design

Speaker in the first day of the Forum, Tetê Leal, co-founder of the Cooperative COOPAROCA, shared her experiences in sustainable cooperative. The group, which arose from the observation of the creative potential of living in the favela of Rocinha and aims to train, coordinate and manage the work of these women, who produce handmade pieces focused on Fashion and Design.

The Cooperative was created in the early 80’s with the mission to generate conditions for their cooperative work in their homes and thus expand the family budget. Today, in addition to having a physical store at Fashion Mall, Rio,  COOPAROCA has done fashion shows in countries as England and France, also including crafts and decor. According to Tete, one of the ingredients of the success of the project is the inclusion of artisans as employees or not components of a production line, but as an essential part of the process. “We encourage a lot more working with the heart than with hands and eyes said the speaker.

Mauro Munhoz  The culture that draws the city

Chief Executive Officer of the Casa Azul Association and founder of the Literary Festival of Paraty (Flip). Starting with a brief historical overview of the city, Mauro showed how Paraty was divided into two totally opposite sides: one with high visibility in trade and tourism, and other totally invisible and marginalized. Additionally, the site struggled to keep the pace steady economic due to high seasonal they are.

As a clever solution to the problem, the architect, already involved in the social project Casa Azul, thought in a cultural creative connection. From this concept came the Flip, an annual literary event that displays the literature as effective component of other artistic fields. The party maintains not only the appreciation of the arts, but offers professional training in areas such as scenography to the inhabitants of the city. “It’s a way to use culture to restore and balance the economic pillars of a city with great potential.” said the speaker.
The Casa Azul Association, NGO director of the event, also works to promote revitalization and cultural integration of peripheral areas, such as the creation of small libraries throughout the city and the establishment of the hour of reading.” In addition, there are projects on the agenda as the construction of a large library on the marginalized area of Paraty and use the river for transportation.

Guto Indio da Costa  Design for urban innovations

Starting the last lecture in the morning, Guto Indio da Costa pointed out Designing products is to understand people.” From this sentence, the industrial designer and design coordinator and transport company Indio da Costa AUDT, developed a panorama of architecture, urbanism, design and transportation, answering the question of how design can help transform cities.

Focusing on urban design, Guto used the example of the work that AUDT performed for redesigning the urban city of São Paulo. According to him, this should be unpublished and aggregate concepts such as integration, security, comfort, wellness, mobility, connectivity and easy installation. The result, obtained through a study of the social context, political, cultural and economic, was the creation of 4 different models that took into account the passenger experience and the peculiarity of
different areas of São Paulo.

Then, the speaker explained the issue of rampant growth of cities and their population, showing how Homo Sapiens had become Homo Urbanus. He said the problem promotes a greater opportunity to integrate design and design thinking to generate feasible solutions. From this, one might think the concept of the city as one that produces creative ideas and intelligent city as one that embodies these ideas. Finally, Guto raises questions about how to take the ideas of the paper, applying it to Rio in 2016. “You have to think beyond 2016, think about a longer and deeper perspective.’s Necessary for the government take risks, test and allow itself to make mistakes to hit in the future.says the designer.

Caca Diegues  The Favela Cinema

Wagner Novais, Feijão, Cacá Diegues and Cadu Barcellos

Begins his talk by saying that the technology approaches the slums to the world,” and takes on the speech about favela. In partnership with the Central Unica das Favelas (CUFA), with AfroReggae and with the cultural group Nos do Morro, the filmmaker talks about the project and seminar film he made with young people from different slums. Of this project was born the movie 5x favela – now by ourselves,” produced by Cacá Diegues and directed by a group of young people of this project.The 5x favela – now for ourselveswas received in Cannes with 10 minutes of applause. After the movie, the group made ​​a series and TV and a documentary, 5x pacification” which is in theaters in the country.

The filmmaker that is born in the periphery is a major subject, not as a favela filmmaker , but as a filmmaker just like another, but with the emotional experiences that favela has. It highlights the phenomenon that occurs in the slums Brazilian as the same is happening all over the world, especially in third world countries.

Cacá Diegues believes in a time when the distance between the hill and the city can be decreased. See the slum as a social space able to be experienced and to bring pride, which creates its own demands. Finally, Cacá, presents to the public, two of the filmmakers of pacification 5xWagner Novais and Cadu Barcellos and actor 5x favela, Be before a traffic dealer and now actor a an AfroReggae member.

* Cover made ​​with the help of Thais Pedron and Johanna Beringer


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