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CRio Networks


The CRio Networks proposes the collaborative urbanism the co-creation of solutions to the city of Rio de Janeiro, self-organized citizens. Its operation happens through thematic groups, suggested by participants in the event of creativity, written on post its glued on panels. With sets of up to 15 people, the goal is to produce resolutions and connection of ideas for improving the environment in Rio, and they leave a legacy to be
improved further and even submitted to the city council.

How it began:
With the realization that what is most important in this scenario is the public interested in innovation and urban renewal, the need emerged for a project in horizontal format, in which the knowledge received by civil society were harnessed effectively. Lala Dehinzelin, from this perspective, proposed and organized the cRIO Networks, which is a curator for the city of Rio de Janeiro which sought partnerships and contracted Luminosidade to hold the event.
Then what?

After the festival, the projects carried out during the 24th and 25th will be exhibited publicly in
https://n-1.cc/g/crio_redes  so that the proposals, proceedings initiated and structured in the event can be continued.

Rio Market – Stands

Stands distributed by Warehouse 3, which received the CRio Market,  reported Creative Districts (DC) from around the world: BadenWürttemberg (Germany); Flanders
(Belgium); Scotland and Tampere (Finland) – Next to host the World Creativity Forum in January 2014. Besides the international exhibitors contemplated the three Rio DC: the
FIRJAN, Rio creative, and the City Hall of Rio de Janeiro, which exhibited the panorama of existing businesses and creative initiatives, which will be held in the city.

Seven stands:

Creative Districts (DC):
BadenWürttemberg (Germany)
Flanders (northern Belgium)
Tampere (Finland)
Scotland (The country)

Rio creative (creative business incubator)
FIRJAN (the winning project  of FIRJAN house of Creative Industry)
City Hall of Rio de Janeiro


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