Grandma decided to travel to Aracaju – Sergipe

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Aracaju, capital of the smallest state in Brazil, is located on the coast of Sergipe also being bathed by some rivers, including Poxim and Sergipe. With a little more than half a million inhabitants, is the capital of the brazilian northeast with less social inequality.

The city was designed by Sebastião José Basilio Pirro to host the state replacing the then capital, “São Cristóvão”. The downtown streets are shaped chessboard and all meet the “Rua da Frente”.

The “Orla de Atalaia” is one of the main attractions and is considered one of the most beautiful edges of Brazil with 6 kilometers long. In it are located many hotels and restaurants for all tastes: Northeastern cuisine, Italian pastas and raw fish from Asia.

In “Passarela do Carangueijo”, there are more agitated bars of Aracaju. Here you can eat seafood while drinking beer. To listen to music, has bars with live music, such as Cariri. In JukeBox, has a music machine and is much frequented by young people.

For those who enjoy sports, even along the “Rim Watchtower” there are some courts, skate ramps and a racetrack. There you can visit the Oceanarium which owns several marine animals and rivers.

In the city has attractions for all tastes. If you like axé and pagoda, there is a Pre-Caju first preview carnival that happens in the year. If you like forró, and baião xote the middle of the year is the best time to visit Aracaju, in Forro Caju. If you have a more adept at pop / rock, there is a festival of cover bands, the Coverama, whose last edition held in 2013.

If you are eclectic and want to dress up, have the biggest costume party in Brazil, “Odonto Fantasy” what happens in the second half of the year with various attractions. At the party have passed names like O Rappa, Nando Reis and Ivete Sangalo. To close the year, there are free concerts in the “Atalaia’s beach” that happen on New Year’s Eve.

How to get there?

~ By Car

– BR-101
– BR-235
– SE-201 – via Bridge Aracaju/Barra, second in size losing just to the Rio-Niterói.
– SE-100 via  bridge Joel Silveira that connects the capital to the southern coast of Sergipe.

~ From Airplane
– Aracaju International Airport. He has 24 daily flights and is located closer the Orla de Atalaia.

~ By Bus

– About fifteen companies operate with interstate transportation in Aracaju. The total flow of passengers at the terminal Rollemberg José Leite, 16% are travelers from other states.

For more information about the capital of Sergipe visit:

Photos: Luana D’anzicourt, Thainá Carline and Kaippe Reis
Text: Kaippe Reis


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