Caetano Veloso launches new CD

Leia em Português: Abraçaço, novo CD do Caetano Veloso

Abraçaço’s Cover
Caetano Veloso was one of the singers of the movement “Tropicalia.” Besides political nature, the movement tried decriminalization guitar, American instrument in Brazilian music. Being one of the best known Brazilian singers out there, he was the honoree of the great Latin Grammy this year. Caetano has in its curriculum soundtracks of several films among them, Talk to Her, film from Spanish director Pedro Almodovar where Caetano appears in one scene, and the award-winning Frida that led him to play at the Academy Awards (video).

In this new album, the 49th of his career, he closes the trilogy that began in 2006 with “CÊ”, continued with “Zii & Zie” in 2009, and ends it in a friendly way, saying goodbye to the CD “Abraçaço “(in English could be called big hug). On his Twitter account he revealed that it is a word he uses to finalize their emails.

Today, the CD enters into marketing that closes the trilogy that he had the support of Banda Cê. To listen, he posted on his Youtube account the song “Um Abraçaço”:

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