youPIX festival

Para ler em português clique aqui

After making editions in Sao Paulo, Porto Alegre and San Francisco, California, youPIX arrived yesterday in the wonderful city of Rio de Janeiro . For those unaware, the event, held at the Centro Cultural Ação  da Cidadania (Cultural Center of Citizen Action) aims to promote a meeting between the virtual world enthusiasts to discuss the production of content, interactivity, connectivity trends and the role of social engagement.

Divided into four areas of activities, speakers of youPIX bring experience in TV, music, advertising, law, politics and other areas to explain topics such as freedom of expression, the professionalization of vlogs and blogs, the controversy of paid posts, the etiquette on the web and more. In addition, the festival promotes the Content Talent Show, contest to recognize and encourage new producers of Web content and offers a choice of awards to the top of twitterland.

Grandma was present yesterday and will be there again today, and as always, here are some photos of the event for you.

Stage:  hub da baleia, before de beggining  

 “A Cruz de Jenuário” launched yesterday at  youPIX 


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