It is already the third month of December that Grandma is beside you and the first time we decided to post a retrospective the most important / relevant / better things that happened this year, in all areas, of course!

And in our first retrospective, let’s talk about our beloved internet,that we can’t live without. Whta was viralized? What was good? What was trolled?

There at the beginning of the year our right to free internet access was revoked, remember?. With the closure of Megaupload and the attempt of implementing the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act)?

In February happened the so expected Academy Awards. Many people were up all night tweeting about the Oscars and a silent movie, in black and white won the race for best film. But are people who had exaggerated on the red carpet, including that ones that never make mistakes. Well, Angelina Jolie, mother and wife exemplary showed more her legs than he should and became subject of jokes in the virtual world (and elsewhere too), a pity.
Drawsomething, Song Pop and Instagram, these were apps that were successful this year. Instagram is still doing very well, but the other two failed just as quickly that achieved success.

Kony, who remembers? Who shared? The campaign Stop Kony was one of the biggest controversies this year. It was the most viralized video in Internet history, a documentary that aimed denouncing Joseph Kony, leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army guerrilla that tries to implement by force a theocratic government in Uganda. BUT then the video has been highly criticized for exaggerating the facts, suggesting false information a and being an opportunistic campaign.

World in 2 minutes. With a great curator, videos from World in 2 minutes show the various countries and their most outstanding videos in 2 minutes. These,  yes, great videos that viralizaram with an incredible speed.

Ironic Willy Wonka , perhaps one of the most brilliant things this year. Why? Because we love Willy Wonka and because a bit of irony on the Internet does not hurt. I just think that some people (as always) exaggerated ton sharring.

Hipster were the most trolled this year and I was … before it was cool” defines it. Rayban glasses  + starbucks + plaid shirt were the target of jokes and even little mermaid of  part of this.

Ecce Homo, for nerds is the name of a book by Nietzsche, for those addicted to the internet is the most poorly restored painting in history. The “restorationof Cecilia Gimenez spread through the internet, and there was queue up for the visitation of the painting in Cecilia’s  small town .

Oppa Gangnam Style! The Korean’s clip was the most watched video in the history of the internet and the singer, infinitely copied, still makes success,

Well, the end of an era! It was announced by Microsoft the end of the Windows Live Messenger, the famous MSN. The truth is that there’s time we do not use, but it marked our lives. And will that consolidate the monopoly of Skype?

End of the world. Tell me you not scared? not a bit? The rumor buzz for some time, but became stronger this year. The truth we know, the world will not end but the idea is very interesting.


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