Kipling Footwear

To commemorate the 25 years of the brand, Kipling Brazil has just launched a super charming shoe collection, there are several models in various colors that can be used in many different looks, from the most formal to the most cool. Oh, and there’s more, the prices are super democratic.
 Let’s have a look!

Injected Sneaker

Are the super cool sneakers of the collection, made ​​of injectable pvc it is 100% recyclable and super soft. There are 5 colors, very feminine: Lilac translucent, Flash Blue, White, Cabbage and Peony (in the order of the image) and each sneakers comes with two shoelaces, one of the very color and another in a contrasting shade.

  It is ideal for those who enjoy fashion and comfort and has lateral openings that allow the feet to breathe. The suggested retail price? R$99.00 (U$50.00)

On the look: floral skirt + loose monochromatic shirt  + multiple bracelets  + braided hair

Rubber Thong

It’s a flip flop for those who doesn’t leave the beach and let their own mark, trully! It has a reinforced outsole with embossed stamp, so when you walk the sand is marked with the Kipling monkeys. The print Monkeymania, the same of the outsole appears  inside the flip flop in the same colors of the strips.

Enjoyed? just choose the color, Peony, Cabbage, Flash Lilac or Blue?

Suggested price: R$ 59.00 (U$ 30.00)

Tip Look: bikini + wet hair + sunglasses + shorts + lot of sunscreen

Baillerina Elastic

The baillerina is in nylon as Kiplings purses and backpacks and  is indispensable for the most romantic ones. With two different combinations,  both in pink and white,  Baillerina Elastic  is inspired by  ballet shoes and has an elastic band that crosses the instep, which resembles the ballet shoes satin ribbons .

Suggested price: R$ 159.00 (U$80.00)

On the look: waisted dress shoulder bag + delicate necklace

Last but not least, the Baillerina Bow, also in nylon, is the kind of classic flat, tidy and perfect for any occasion, those that we need to have in the closet. From the office to happy hour, from an afternoon shopping to a stroll with the boyfriend, the Baillerina Bow goes with everything. With two key color combinations (total black or striped in black and white), it comes with an elastic band that surrounds the foot and ensures comfort and a monkey pendant.

Suggested price: R$ 149.00 (U$75.00)

Tip look: tailored shorts + silk shirt + waisted blazer + lacquered bag

Did you like it? Enter on the website of Kipling Brazil, and help me to be a Kipling correspondent.


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