Nike Air Max 90 – Holiday ’09

The Nike Air Max 90 is still strong almost 20 years after its original release, and based on these reissues the model is likely to be launched at any time, without ceasing to be current, a model that was successful with my father today does the same with me, in the future, who knows, my children accompany me in the steps.

Evolution Air Max

Using the modern technologies of today the Nike Air Max family goes through the filter of innovation and is reinvented while, also welcoming a new installment to its series. Updated to a highly adaptable-engineered mesh upper that helps increase breathability while decreasing weight, The Nike Air Max 1, 90, 95 and 97 are newer and better without losing their iconic look.
The new Nike Air Max 2013 joins the family. While retaining the traditional sport inspired aesthetics this new model is packed with performance updates. The full-length air bag is more flexible than ever, Nike Hyperfuse upper helps make it lightweight and breathable and the Nike Dynamic Flywire aids in keeping the wearers foot secure.


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