In a world where trends change in a few seconds, where information is created every time, you can have your moment to discover real fashion made by real people.
Well, the whole idea of “Grandma stole my closet” is based on the fact that vintage became a trend, something that before was a lifestyle. Now, girls stealing their grandma’s closet is something usual and some only do that to copy what people say on the magazines.
However, the garments have their on story, they’re  were a part of someone’s life and they’re a kinda of heritage.

So, Grandma is here to rediscover the power of fashion in our lives, Grandma is not only vintage, but is rocker, folk, classic, and most of all, avant-garde.

Grandma is a place where we can talk also about arts, environment, music and design, without restrictions.Because fashion is everywhere, is in everything, is what identifies us as individuals, is what makes us different and what get us together , is a part of our culture and of our society.

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